Is there life after an attempted suicide ? Shoya is now in the awkward position of having to find out. Thus resumes the daily grind for him, going to school, with hardly anyone acknowledging him, coming home to an empty room, sleeping on the cold floor under a single blanket. However, the possibility of friendship begins to bloom, as another lonely guy befriends him, and they begin to hang together. But the bigger question still looms unanswered; can Shoya befriend Shoko, whom he finds himself thinking about more and more ? Circumstances seem to be against Shoya, what with his mom's bicycle being stolen, and Shoko's " boyfriend " discouraging him at every turn. Even Mrs. Nishimiya indicates her disapproval with an almighty slap to his face. Will befriending Shoko and persistence in his reformation pay off in the long run . . . . ?

Sequence of Story Arc No. 5

Begins with Shoko wanting to contact a girl that she knew in sixth grade. Shoya sees the need to help her reconnect with the people that she knew so long ago, since his actions prevented her from any meaningful friendship with them. Shoko and Shoya go on their first 'date' together to meet Miyoko. They also unexpectedly run into Naoka, who continues to be a trouble maker. Shoya and Shoko exchange gifts, and Shoko tries to do a Love Confession verbally, but is misunderstood by Shoya. Ends with Shoya considering friendship with Miki and Satoshi.

The Movie Continues

Next Tuesday, Shoya, Nagatsuka, and Yuzuru go to meet Shoko on the bridge, as Tuesdays are her day to feed the koi carp. Shoya shows his new cell phone to Shoko, one that was given to him, and wants to know, via sign language, her e-mail address so that they can communicate together with their I-phones. However, Shoko actually wants to know how to contact Miyoko Sahara, the only girl that briefly befriended her in sixth grade. Shoya gets a prick from his conscience when Shoko's request is made, as Mrs. Nishimiya so aptly told him, with a slap to the face, that he was responsible for preventing and depriving Shoko from making any friends when they were in the sixth grade together. But can Shoko reconnect and make friends now, and can Shoya help with doing so ?

Next day at school, Nagatsuka wants to know if Shoya is going to try and contact Miyoko. Shoya then notices Miki, and despite a cartoon 'X' being across her face, asks her if she remembers Miyoko. She does ! She recalls Miyoko, but confesses that she does not know what high school she goes to; but the school administration would know. Miyoko goes to the Taiyo Girl's Academy, some distance away. On the next weekend day, Shoya and Nagatsuka are at the train station, wherein Shoya realizes that he does not have enough money to travel the distance to the Taiyo Girl's Academy. However, Nagatsuka 'has his back covered' by slipping a wad of money to Shoya, enough for the train ride, meals, and staying in a " Love Hotel ", if need be. Just then, Yuzuru and Shoko show up, since Shoko was annoyed that she was supposedly going to be left behind in the search for Miyoko.

On the train, both Shoko and Shoya are standing by a side door, silent as mixed emotions are assaulting both of them. After a while, Shoko begins texting, saying that she is glad to be searching for her sixth grade friend, and follows up the text with her rapturously shy smile. At the designated arrival station, the couple find themselves descending an elevator, and in an almighty coincidence, Miyoko is ascending the same elevator. As they pass midway, Miyoko cries out to Shoya. They meet up, and retire to an outside bench, where the three get caught up from old times. Miyoko now knows sign language, and converses in sign language with Shoko, whom she has never forgotten. A very tall, thin, and stately Miyoko wants to know if Shoko's boobs are getting bigger ( they are !!! ), and wants to 'have a feel' for herself. Both girls tussle, laughing all the time.
Embarrassed by the girl-with-girl action, Shoya soon gets up and announces that he is going to the bathroom. Going across the street, Shoya comes upon a catgirl passing out coupons. In a twinkling of recognition, the catgirl turns out to be Naoka !!! Shoya takes one of her coupons, it being discount admission to the Meow Meow Club.

Later, back at school, Shoya opens a text from Miyoko, thanking him for his efforts to bring Shoko to her. Along with the text is a video of Miyoko and Shoko doing karaoke together. Mission accomplished ! Next weekend, Shoya and Nagatsuka travel again, this time to the Meow Meow Club to see Naoka. Upon recognition, Naoka quickly hides, as the two sit on a couch with numerous cats hanging out and keeping them company. About the same time, but back in the city at the hospital's Audiometer Laboratory, Shoko and Granny are receiving some heavy and foreboding news from the hearing medical specialist. Next day Yuzuru comes to Shoya's place to visit with Maria. Shoya asks Yuzuru to give a cat purse to Shoko as a present from him. That evening, Yuzuru comes into Shoko's bedroom, only to find Shoko lying in bed, in pain, with one of her hearing aids removed and placed next to her pillow. Yuzuru quietly places the cat purse on the bed at the foot of the bed, and leaves.

A few days later, Shoya is on the bicycle, waiting for the walk light to change to green, when someone hops onto the back of his bike. With much surprise, Shoya notices that the girl is Naoka, but Naoka notices that the girl across the street, looking at ornaments, is Shoko. Naoka musters up imitation congeniality, but Shoya's only response is to ask her to get off of his bike. Naoka now wants to know why Shoko is holding a cat purse from the Meow Meow Club ? It is because Shoya gave it to her as a friendship gift. Naoka gets off the bike, but when the light changes to green, Naoka outruns Shoya on the bike, and confronts Shoko, grabbing her hearing aid, just like old times. Shoya takes it from Naoka, and tries to give it back to Shoko, with an apology on Naoka's behalf. Naoka is annoyed, and grabs the hearing aid again, surmising with much surprise and hilarity that those two must be dating as boyfriend and girlfriend. Continuing on with the laughter, Naoka tosses out a couple more insults, drops the hearing aid into Shoko's palm, and walks away, hysterically laughing, but with such a bitter resolve. With sign language, Shoko asks what they were talking about. Shoya refuses to say, mounts his bike, and leaves.


A couple or so days later, it is a bright, cheerful morning. Shoko is in her bedroom, dressed as pretty and attractive as she can be, wearing a crisp shirt with a big bow on the front, a cute plaid mini-skirt, knee socks, and with her hair done up in a sexy ponytail. She indicates to Yuzuru that breakfast is ready. Yuzuru wants to know about the ponytail, but Shoko only gives her a silly, impish smile, and leaves. Yuzuru suspects where Shoko is going, and quickly does a text to Shoya to tell him to come help feed the koi carp !

At the bridge that serves as their meeting place, Shoko and Shoya arrive at about the same time. With many mixed emotions flowing through her, Shoko bows deeply to Shoya. She then begins speaking to him with her erratic and unusual speech patterns, rather than using sign language.


Shoya speaks directly to Shoko, and answers that he is going to go get some bread from the bread shop, because Yuzuru told him to do so.


Shoya speaks and asks verbally, and well as signing, if Shoko can sign what she is saying ?

" Izz My Voo-ice Weird ? "

Shoya reluctantly answers, " Ya ! " !

A Silent Voice Love Confession Scene (ENGLISH DUB)

A Silent Voice Love Confession Scene (ENGLISH DUB)

For her Special Day, and wearing a sexy ponytail and a cute plaid mini-skirt, Shoko tries to do a Love Confession to Shoya in her awkward speech, instead of sign language, but he misunderstands what she is saying. Shoko is heartbroken!

Shoko becomes silent, drops her head down, and becomes sullen and dejected. Shoya tries to amend his comment by saying that she is O.K., and giving her the hand sign for O.K. He then mounts his bicycle, and states that he is going to go get bread, anyway. However, as he passes her by on the bike, Shoko reaches out and grabs the back of the bike rack, thereby stopping Shoya and the bike. Shoko then gives Shoya a small, colorful paper bag as a gift, a thank you gift for the cat purse that he had given to her earlier. Shoya opens the bag, and inside are three different plastic animals, each set upon a short stick. As Shoya examines them, to determine just what they are, Shoko begins to fidget, grabbing the fabric of the hem of her mini-skirt. She unconsciously begins wringing and twisting her hands, pulling on her skirt as if she were going to do a curtsy. Shoya thanks her for her kind gift ( whatever they are ! ). Once again, a dozen or more emotions begin to run through her mind and heart, as she musters up every last ounce of her courage, and shyly and meekly says---

" I luvv youuu !!! "

Shoya looks nonplussed, and that reaction is telling Shoko that her Love Confession did not 'take'. Shoko tries again, for emphasis---

" I Loove UUUU !!! "

Shoya still looks puzzled, but says nothing. Her inquisitive look quickly changes to a flash of concern and horror, as she resets for the rebound and the last attempt for a Love Confession. Now with her treble voice's volume cranked up as high as it can go, she leans forward, and belts out---

" I DUB MOOOOO !!! !!! "

Shoya misunderstands her forceful statement, and merely repeats what he thought Shoko has said---

" The Moon . . . . ? "

Shoya then notices the pale moon in the morning sky and comments that it is, indeed, very pretty. Shoko only nods, and with tears filling her big eyes from her anxious and breaking heart and soul, turns and runs away. Shoya shouts after her asking where she is going, but Shoko does not hear.

A few moments later, Shoya receives a text message from Nagatsuka, wanting to know if they can go to a movie together this afternoon. They do, and have an evening dinner at Micky D's. During dinner, Shoya asks Nagatsuka what the plastic animals on a stick are ? Nagatsuka's best guess are that they are candy.


After meeting with Shoya, Shoko ran all the way home. Once there, she runs past Yuzuru, into her bedroom, and makes a flying leap onto her bed, face down. She then buries her face in the pillow, crying her heart out ! In a moment, Shoko sends a text to Yuzuru, telling her that she did a Love Confession to Shoya, but he misunderstood what she was trying to say. Shoko continues to let her grief flow, crying, and now kicking her legs up and down on the bed. That evening, the moon continues to shine very brightly in a clear sky.

Next day at school, Shoya is sitting at his desk, waiting for homeroom to start. So far, not counting Shoko who never had a cartoon " X " on her face anyway, he has acknowledged only two people that he has consented to try and talk to and possibility be friends with---Nagatsuki and Miyoko. Everyone else has the " X " across their face.


Miki enters the classroom like a celebrity, showing off her new hairstyle.

But today, something dramatic is about to happen ! Miki walks into the room, and suddenly, several students gather around her like a celebrity, to find out why she has changed her hairstyle from braids to sexy long, slightly curly hair halfway down her back, and lightly covering her ample bust. Shoya sees her from afar, and recalls that yesterday Shoko changed her hairstyle to that of a sexy ponytail. Without remembering his ban on talking to others, he approaches Miki and asks her if there is a special reason that girls change their hairstyle ? Immediately, the cartoon " X " falls from Miki's face, as she answers that there was no special reason for the change, that she just did not have time to redo her hair into braids. Miki then slyly leads Shoya away from the group, only to whisper to him that the boy that has been hanging with her, Satoshi Mashiba, would like to also hang with Shoya. As he looks in their direction, Satoshi gives him a big smile, and the cartoon "X" falls from his face, too ! Slowly but surely, Shoya is rebuilding his circle of friends, born of repentance and reformation by himself, friendship based on genuine respect and trust, and not gangsta force as before.


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