Whether or not Shoya realizes it or not, fate and circumstances have offered him a redemption for his past misconduct, and has allowed him to become a ransom sacrifice to save Shoko. By going into a coma, he seemingly " died " to his past life, so that Shoko could continue to live her life. During his time in a coma, family and friends don't know what to make of it, his fall and everything, and disagreements abound between family and friends. As always, Naoko blames Shoko for Shoya's predicament, even physically assaulting her outside the hospital. As time passes, fate would have his sacrifice validated and now deemed sufficient, and after a very pointed dream, he awakes one night, and seeks to set matters straight with Shoko. Finding her at the bridge with the koi fish, in the middle of the night, they come to a mutual understanding. It seems that a 'spiritual awakening' happens, a portent for a future destined that the two of them would be together forever. Thereafter, he resumes his earnest, but mundane, life.

Sequence of Story Arc No. 9

Begins with Shoya waking up from his coma, and returning to his daily life and routine. Shoya and Naoko have a heart-to-heart talk. Shoya consents to help Yuzuru with her homework, since she has decided to begin going to school. Shoya and Shoko agree to go out on a date to the school's summer festival, with Shoko wearing her most attractive and sexy outfit ever ! However, Shoya can't handle the social pressure, and becomes sick. Miki and the rest of the little group agree to help Shoya through the rest of the day at the festival. Ends with Shoya making a firm resolve to interact beneficially with Shoko, his friends, and people in general, so that he will finally have a real purpose in life.

The Conclusion of 'A Silent Voice: The Movie'

Somehow, someway, Shoya made it back to his hospital bed. The doctors and nurses were overjoyed to see that he has come out of his coma, but they have him stay until tests were conducted, and sufficient time has passed to show that he had recovered enough to be released. On the day he was taken home, his mom drove the family mini-van, with her pretending to be the humble chauffeur to a well known and liked celebrity ! Once home, Shoya's niece, Maria, is glad to see him, but wants to know if he is the Walking Dead or actually alive ? Another one wants to know about him, as Naoko is peeking around the corner, but shyly scoots away. Shoya is told by mom that Naoko kept an almost continuous vigil, day after day, at his bedside while he was in the coma, and to go talk to her. A little ways away, Naoko and Shoya are talking next to a park bench. Naoko states that she stills dislikes Shoko. Next she reveals that it was Kazuke and Keisuke that pulled him out of the water that faithful night. Finally, Naoko welcomes him back among the living as she unconcernedly walks away, then bolts away, with the 'X' on her face falling to the ground.

Later, when Shoya drifts back to the studio and home, he is surprised that his mom is cutting and styling the hair of Mrs. Nishimiya. Pedro, his older sister's husband, says a 'hello' to both moms. Grabbing cups of Jello, Shoya goes upstairs to see Yuzuru, and share the treats. The first surprise is that Yuzuru is wearing the school's winter sailor fuku ( sailor suit school uniform ). Next surprise is that Yuzuru won the first prize in the local photography contest, with a picture of flowers in a garden. Yuzuru begs Shoya to help her with her homework, as she has decided to attend school and do well in her studies, all due to Shoko's positive influence. Yuzuru mentions that the school's Summer Festival is tomorrow. Later, Shoya receives a text message from Shoko asking if he would come to the festival, a virtual day long date. This he vows to do.

Next morning, Shoya is not so sure about going to the festival, what with worrying about his appearance and demure. He decides to wear his school uniform of a shirt, tie, and dress pants. Leaving on the bicycle, he notices his mom and Maria tending to a garden box, and now knowing what the plastic sticks of animals that Shoko gave him are used for---markers for the garden flowers ! After a pleasurable ride, he meets Shoko at the front gate and arch of the school, both colorfully decorated for the festival, and they go in together. For her date, Shoko is simultaneously presenting as innocently cute and hardcore sexy, wearing a pink and cream colored sweater over a maroon cami, a chocolate brown pleated mini-skirt, gray tights, and black velvet ankle boots. However, reception by the crowd of people does not go well; cold and icy comments are thrown towards Shoya, so that he soon squats down in a corner, and does not want to go on. Shoko bends down too, and they converse in sign language.

Shoya explains that he was never comfortable at school, at least not since his social banishment. He has not been even able to look people in the face, as if they had an 'X' across their face. Shoko tells him that it is fine with her if he continues today to look downward all of the time. In fact, she begins leading him by the hand as they resume walking through the festival. But with a peek inside the Maid Cafe, and the surprised and abrasive reaction from the maids and guests to his presence, Shoya becomes nauseated, and goes to the restroom to vomit. As Shoya leaves Shoko, Nagatsuka comes upon her; he then follows Shoya into the men's room, and opens the toilet door to confront Shoya. Bursting into tears, Nagatsuka spills out his concern for Shoya, and the fact that Shoya survived the three story fall. Shoya apologizes for everything that he has done recently, to which Nagatsuka is very understanding, and taking Shoya's hand, leads him outside to the hallway.

There, the group of friends from former, better times has gathered around to check on Shoya. Miki mentions that she wanted to make a thousand paper cranes to enhance Shoya's recovery, but her and her friends could only manage a little over three hundred. She hands the paper crane collection to Shoya, as he offers thanks for the effort. Miki's boyfriend, Satoshi, offers his best wishes, too. Bad girl Naoko is hiding in a nearby staircase, but comes out with her usual sour remarks. Right behind her is Miyoko, expressing sorrow that she, herself, was of no help at all during his coma and recovery. Naoko turns to Shoko and calls her an obvious 'baka' ( stupid person, a dumb ass ), but Shoko does a quick 'right back at ya', calling and signing to Naoko a 'BAKA' ( 'STUPID' ) right in her face, as well as laughing about it ! Naoko leaves in a huff !

Shoya then asks everyone for a favor, that they take in the festival as a group, being together for the rest of the day. This they all agree to do ! Soon, as Shoya is walking around outside, with the little group of his honest and loyal friends, he now does something that he has never done before for quite some time, something that he promised himself to do when he was hanging on to Shoko to prevent her from falling to her certain death---

He looks everyone straight in the eye, with an open and honest face and demure !!!


Suddenly, the cartoon 'X' that most everyone has had on their faces falls to the ground, and he sees his friends as well as strangers as they truly are, kind and caring people ready to help him and offer encouragement for his life's problems. Gone are the times when he was unconcerned with anyone other then himself, with only a few gangsta boys and groupie girls around him, and doing whatever he pleased, regardless of the consequences. This day, the day of the Summer Festival, is a New Day dawning for Shoya. Confetti begins to fall from the sky, as Shoya is so overcome with positive emotions and vibes that he begins to softly cry to himself. It's like he is coming out from a long, scary, darken tunnel, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. His family and friends are all at the end of the tunnel, beckoning him onward into the light. Even Noako is pleasant, for a change ! But most importantly, Shoko is there, too, ready to greet him with a big, happy smile, and a heart full of love and acceptance !!!




The Epilogue for A Silent Voice: The Movie can be found here.

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