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( Program Note: The Prologue, Part 1---The End of it All ...., as part of A Silent Voice: The Movie, is not in chronological order. It has been lifted from an event that occurs in the Story Arc called, " Teenage Wasteland ", and placed here, because that is how the movie begins. The movie, if keeping in true chronological order, actually begins with the events found in Part 2--- " Young Shoya's Life ", shown below. Skip this section, Part 1, and begin with Part 2, if one wishes to stay in strict chronological order.

Movie sections and Flashbacks that are out of chronological order in the movie will be identified by Program Notes. It should also be noted that the story line and story sequence of events in the movie differs in many places from the story line in the manga. This wiki will follow the story line as shown in the movie, with minimal references to the manga story. Thereafter, the Epilogue and Omake (Extra) sections will be based on the information and story found in the manga. )


*Please note that there is another title for A Silent Voice: The Movie---It is also called, The Shape of Voice.

Part 1---The End of it All

Sometimes, the only guide one has in the darkness, is a single point of light . . . . . . far, far in the distance.

Seventeen year old Shoya Ishida has no plans for the future, except for one: he is going to commit suicide. It's even marked on his calendar! April 15th ! He has torn off every month's page, and part of the April page. This left the last date shown as April 15th, the day of his impending suicide. Before the deadline, he was making preparations. He quit his job on the 9th; he sold his gaming console and his other collectables on the 11th. Come the 14th, he withdrew all of his college savings from the bank, closed out the account, and putting the money in an envelope, placed it on his mom's bed. That night, he dreams a dream that shows him exactly what he is going to do.


On the 15th, he quietly left home in his school uniform to take care of one last duty of personal business, then he walks to the center of a high bridge spanning the river that runs through the city. Grasping the handrail, he gazes at the gleaming blue, briskly moving waters below. The setting sun has now painted the sky in pink, yellow, and blue hues. He knows what is going to happen next. He will be standing on the top of the handrail, with his arms extended for balance. Meanwhile, a group of boys on the bank of the river are shooting off fireworks in the darkening twilight of the evening. After seeing the last firework light up the sky, he then will tip his body forward, falling downward. In a moment, he feels the incredibly cold water engulf his body . . . . . .

He awakens at dawn, and begins to make his dream, still fresh in his mind, a reality.

Part 2---A Glimpse of Younger Shoya's Life

(With the opening credits rolling on screen, the events of the story begin here. It depicts an audacious, carefree version of Shoya Ishida when he was 12 years old. The song "My Generation", by The Who, plays in the background.)

Koe no Katachi OP - My Generation by The Who

Koe no Katachi OP - My Generation by The Who

Shoya and his "merry men" do as they please.

Shoya Ishida is seen sauntering alongside his best friends: Kazuki Shimada and Keisuke Hirose. Together, they make a playful trio that do as they please, and are always eager to seek fun.

An example of this is shown when, after school, the trio decided that it would be fun for all to jump off a low bridge to the water below. Then they all walk home, without caring about the consequences of being soaking wet.

Another day, they get sweets from a candy shop, and then outside, are standing and waiting at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change. Across the street from them were four girls that are Shoya's classmates. Among the four, a blond-braided girl and a straight-haired girl recognized the boys. Shoya stares back at them intently. However, when the light allowed them to cross, both groups simply passed each other without any acknowledgement. Then, as the girls are walking away, Shoya's eyes glimpse back at the girls, after swallowing his chip sticks.

At Hair Make Ishida (which is also Shoya's mom's business and Shoya's place of residence), they pass by a cute, but slightly-disheveled, young girl reading a magazine in the salon. They head upstairs to his bedroom, where the three can be found just messing around. There, Shoya is seen playing a video game while Kazuki and Keisuke are flipping through various manga.

At school, Shoya is seen sitting at a desk with a rubber band wrapped around his hand, and holding it like a pistol. Focusing his aim at a folded sheet of paper at an adjacent desk, he fires the rubber band. Successfully, he manages to knock the paper down. Impressed, his two merry men grin at him; the blond girl and the straight-haired girl also glance over at Shoya with mild interest.

After school, Shoya and Keisuke do their trio's signature handshake; Shoya then does the same with Kazuki. Later, they all jump off of a bridge again into a carp-filled river.

One day, Kazuki captures a wet, dirty ground hog and raises it up to present to Shoya and Keisuke. Once home, Shoya takes a peak behind his older sister's curtain (it separates their rooms), only to find her new boyfriend pumping iron. Carried away, Shoya slides the curtain back to where it was. His two friends look at him with such puzzled looks.

The following day, the three walk home through a meadow of dandelions. Along the way, Shoya and Kazuki pick their own flowers, and hold them in their mouths. Once home, for Shoya, he dives back into his video games.

Next morning, Shoya is once again sauntering though the school corridor, like a king on his way to his royal throne room. While the students are settling down in homeroom, the teacher is out in the hallway with a new transfer student. The teacher enters and ushers in the attractive new girl, all prepared to introduce the newest addition to the class.


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