Ever since her first day at the new school, the bullying of Shoko Nishimiya, the hearing impaired twelve year old girl, has been very cruel and absolutely relentless. However, Shoko's reaction to it all has been truly angelic. She always offers her shy smile, and repeatedly writes in her notebook, " I'm Sorry ", or " Let's be Friends " to show to everyone her feelings. The ringleader of the bullying is Shoya Ishida, a boy in her class that sees her, not as a human, but as some sort of alien being, sent to the school to disrupt the normal routine of things. Week after week, month after month, the bullying continues, becoming ever more daring. Even to the point that Shoya draws blood, as he rips a hearing aid from Shoko's ear. It has now been six months of pure hell for Shoko . . . .

Sequence of Story Arc No. 2

Begins with the day after Shoko's notebook was tossed into the school fountain by Shoya. The Principal and the Homeroom Teacher conduct an inquiry into the bullying of Shoko. Everybody points the blame towards Shoya, with him now becoming the one that is bullied. Shoya's mom tries to make restitution. Shoya takes his anger out on Shoko with a physical altercation leading into a one-on-one fight. Ends with Shoko being transferred to another school.

The Movie Continues

Just another ordinary day, including the continued bullying of Shoko. But today is different; Shoya drew blood as he ripped a hearing aid out of her ear ! After getting first aid, Shoko confronts Shoya and his gang of two 'Merry Men' after school. She shows him her notebook, written with the words, " I'm Sorry " in it, as well as signing the words, " Let's be Friends " to him. He responds by grabbing her notebook, and tossing it into the dank, stagnant waters of the school fountain. Shoko steps into the foul water, but can not find her soaked notebook.

Twenty-four hours later, Shoya himself, is in the foul water, trying to gather up his soaked notebooks and wet school workbooks ! His two 'Merry Men', Keisuke and Kakuzi, push him into the fountain for retribution because of his action of drawing blood when he ripped the hearing aid from Shoko's ear, among so many other things he did to her. He sits there, wet and stinky, and recalls what happened that morning.

During the morning at school, the first class is delayed. The Principal wishes to address the class. With a flat, very serious voice, he states that Shoko Nishimiya is absent today. This because her mother called the school yesterday, to report that eight of her very expensive hearing aids have gone missing or been destroyed in the last five months. Therefore, her mother believes that Shoko is being bullied at school ! The Principal appeals to the classmates, for anyone to come forward to tell if Shoko has actually been bullied. If no one comes forward, the Principal will begin calling in the parents, one-by-one, to get to the bottom of this. Cold sweat begins to roll off of Shoya. Takeuchi calls on Shoya to stand up, as he loudly pounds his fist on the blackboard.

" WE ALL KNOW IT'S YOU !!! " , Takeuchi shouts out !

Takeuchi now begins to interrogate the other students, as Shoya remains standing, and the Principal is quietly listening. Naoka confesses that Shoya did tease Shoko 'a little'. Kazuki says that he kept telling Shoya to 'knock it off', but he would not listen at all. Shoya begins to shout in his defense, accusing the girls of making fun of Shoko, too, especially Naoka and Miki. Naoka is aghast, while Miki is brought to tears, crying at her desk that she, as class president, would never do such a horrible thing.

As Shoya stands up in the foul water, he begins to collect the notebooks. But the first one he brings up has the title, " Notebook for Conversations, Shoko Nishimiya, Class 6 - 2 " written on the front of it. All of the wet notebooks and workbooks are collected together and placed in his wet backpack, except one. He begins walking home, reading the contents of Shoko's notebook. It is filled with nasty, rude comments and obscene graffiti, directed towards her, written by all manor of ill-tempered kids, and her polite replies of, " I'm Sorry for the Trouble " and " Thank You ", and the like.

When he gets home, his mother loudly calls out his name. She wants to know why he is all wet. He lies and says it is because he jumped in the river. Next, mom says that she just got off the phone with the school. Has he been causing trouble ? Shoya spits it out---" It's true ! ". She tells him to get cleaned up, because they are both going over to meet Mrs. Nishimiya. Sitting in the family mini-van, Shoya sees his mother inside the bank, getting money from the bank teller. Next he is standing inside a public park, watching from a distance his mom hand money over to Mrs. Nishimiya. Shoya is told to 'stay put', while both mothers walk away together to discuss some important business. Soon, Shoya is bored, and descends a flight of steps, towards several benches facing a pool of water and a waterfall. But who should be sitting on one of the benches, feeding bread to the pidgins, but Shoko Nishimiya ! Shoya tries to sneak behind her, but when he trips on a raised pathstone and yelps, the pidgins are scattered. Shoko looks his way with her shy smile, as he returns the look with a frightened, apprehensive gasp. Later, Shoya's mom finds him, and sheepishly tells him that he needs to be nice to people, starting tomorrow. Shoya notices that his mom is missing her right pierced earring, and she is bleeding from her right ear, with blood stains now on her pullover sweater.

Next day at school, bullying continues, but the object of such is not Shoko, but Shoya. As the weeks go by, the bullying only intensifies. His school shoes are missing from the shoe rack that has his name on it, so he has to wear guest shoes. At soccer practice, Shoya takes a soccer ball right to the back of his head. Again, his school shoes go missing. Walking home with his two 'friends', chubby Keisuke gives out a choke hold onto Shoya, not the other way around. Shoya's new pair of school shoes are found in a wastebasket. Shoya is deliberately tripped in the hallway. One afternoon, after school, Shoya is laying on his back on the sidewalk, his opened backpack next to him, and his notebooks and workbooks scattered all around him, torn and mutilated.

One morning, after receiving a real soaking from the flower water hose, he stumbles into the classroom. He notices that Shoko is back to school, and she is cleaning the top of a school desk. It's his desk ! He confronts her from behind, forcefully spinning her around to face him, and yelling---

" Don't you dare touch my desk, You Freak !!! "

A Silent Voice - An Emotional Scene (English Dubbed)

A Silent Voice - An Emotional Scene (English Dubbed)

After being soaked with the garden hose, Shoya takes his anger out on Shoko.

Shoko only returns the unheard affront with her shy smile and innocent, big eyes. There's that look, that smile again, he mutters under his breath, as he shoves her backwards into the desk. Shoya then grabs her shoulder with one hand and begins to bend her downward onto the top of the desk, all the while shouting insults. With her hands stretched back onto the desk, to brace herself from being bent backwards, Shoko nods downward and forcefully bites Shoya's hand ! He steps back in pain, but then lunges at her, lifts and pushes her up onto the desk by her shoulders, and tries to pin her down on the desk. Shoko again braces herself with her hands and arms to stop from being bent backwards and flat onto the desk, as Shoya, standing up in front of her, pushes her about the shoulders and head. Shoko begins kicking with her legs, to try and knock down Shoya. They struggle locked together for what seems like hours, until Shoya lands a glancing blow to Shoko's face, but that throws him off balance, and taking advantage of his imbalance, she is able to kick him down onto the floor.
With Shoya flat on the floor, Shoko now leaps on top of him like a tigress, pining him to the floor, and straddling him and sitting on his chest. She grabs his T-shirt and tries to pull it up and down to make his head pound on the floor. Shoko begins screaming at the top of her lungs---


Shoko continues to yank at his shirt, as Shoya leans on his elbows and struggles to get up, yelling that he can not even understand what she is screaming. Shoko pushes on his cheek, forcing his face back down and bumping his head on the floor. With her strength beginning to fail, and the tears in her eyes burning and making seeing difficult, Shoko tries one last maneuver. She grasps his throat with her left hand, pinning his head to the ground, and with her right hand now locked into a tight fist, strikes him in the face with all her might !

(*) " I'm doing the best that I can !!! "


Some time later, Takeuchi nonchalantly announces to the class that Shoko Nishimiya has transferred to another school. Only then does Shoya notice that every single day, his desk is defaced with insults and vulgar graffiti written with the blackboard's chalk. Unknown to him, until now, was that Shoko came in early to take care of the flowers, and additionally, would scrub the vile messages from his desk with a damp cloth. Next day, Takeuchi wants to know why 'whoever' did not hand in the class journal ? Also, why is nobody taking care of the class flowers ? Shoya only buries his face in his hands, and pretends to sleep in class.


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