The manga for A Silent Voice: The Movie provides two extra features that provide some additional detail and story line to help round out the manga and movie. Below are summaries of the two Omake manga chapters that are not found in the movie dialog.



In Japan, a Coming of Age day is celebrated once a year. The Coming of Age Day (成人の日 Seijin no Hi) is a Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday of January. It is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority over the past year, and to help them realize that they have become adults. Festivities include coming of age ceremonies (成人式 seijin-shiki) held at local and prefectural offices, as well as after-parties among family and friends.


Lovers at last, the manga story line strongly implies that Shoko and Shoya will marry, and be together the rest of their lives.

Two years after Shoko and Shoya have graduated from high school, with both of them reaching the age of adulthood (currently 20 years old in Japan), they attend a Coming of Age ceremony in their hometown. This slice-of-life chapter in the manga tells of what happened leading up to and during the evening that Shoko and Shoya attend, and gives the last glimpse of their relationship and social intimacy they have with one another.


Yuzuru is growing very impatient, looking through the large crowd that has gathered outside the festive hall for the Coming of Age Ceremony, soon to begin. Meanwhile, at the Ishita household and business, Miyako is cutting and styling the hair of Yaeko, while Shoya struggles to get ready for the ceremony, and to dress in his best business suit and tie. Pedro has to find his tie for him, though. Shoko is also helping out by styling the hair of Miyoko. Miyoko, Naoka, and Shoko all have decided to wear kimonos today. Finally, everyone is ready to head on out !

Shoya is the first to arrive, meeting up with Yuzuru who is still outside. Next is Nagatsuka, who comments crudely but favorably on Yuzuru's outfit. Yuzuru, wearing an ultra-feminine sexy fashion style that is so unconventional of her, is attired in a cute sailor sweater top, a black mini-skirt, black tights, and oxford shoes. Miki shows up, along with boyfriend Satoshi. The other girls have not shown up yet, but it is time for everyone to file into the building and take their seats in the auditorium. During the opening speech, Shoya gets a text message to look around behind him. Why, there are the girls sitting right there ! Nagatsuka takes a snooze during the speeches, but finally they are over. The audience begins to split up into individual family groups for the reunion part of the ceremony. The little group of friends then pose for several group pictures, all taken by the now amazingly skilled photographer Yuzuru.

Naoko approaches Shoya to see if he is going to the Suimon Elementary School class reunion, which he plans to do. Naoko shows off an engagement ring, given to her by Miyoko, of all people !!! An infant bumps into Shoya, and he comes to find out that the little girl is the daughter of Keisuke.

Shoya and Shoko go 'Back to the Future'

Now standing outside the door to the Suimon reunion room, if finally dawns on Shoya that all of the people that he was with way back then, and all of the memories, both good and bad, but mostly bad, are behind that door ! Soon, Shoko---looking oh so elegant and refined in her colorful kimono and with her hair once again in the sexy ponytail--- joins Shoya, in the hallway near the door to the room. Like a videotape of a flashback, memories begin to run through Shoya's mind as he places his hand on the door handle. Such memories makes him so uneasy, but he can not undo the past. He then turns and looks at Shoko, who is looking very apprehensive herself. Shoko signs that she is extremely nervous right now. To comfort her, Shoya manages a weak smile, and very gently and lovingly takes Shoko's hand into his. Shoko's big eyes are full of worry and uncertainty, but she follows the lead of Shoya. Shoya tactfully opens the door, and steps into the room, with Shoko following him, hand in hand, heart to heart, as lovers often do when they are together.


What were the circumstances in the Nishimiya family when Mrs. Nishimiya found out that she was pregnant with her first child ? How and when did she realize that Shoko was deaf and mute ? What was the reaction of her father ? And why did Mrs. Mishimiya decide to become pregnant again with Yuzuru, considering the unfortunate circumstances with Shoko ? These questions are addressed in Chapter 62.5 ( an Omake chapter ) of the manga.

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