Miyoko Sahara as she looked in sixth grade school.


Miyoko as she looks as a teenage fashion model just before entering collage.


Miyoko Sahara was the first girl to approach Shoko when Shoko transferred into class and offer to be her friend. She does this by communicating to Shoko that she wants to learn sigh language so as to help Shoko, and become friends with her. However, this innocent action of Miyoko only brought bullying upon her, such that she not only broke off friendship with Shoko, but dropped out of that class and school. Later, Miyoko and Sahara meet again, but this time the friendship begins to develop further. Miyoko is now at tall, thin teen, with a body size and shape perfect for runway modeling. Although still in high school, she begins working part time as a fashion model of teen fashions, being part of photo shoots. When she graduates from high school, she wins a scholarship to a fashion design college in Tokyo. Surprisingly, Miyoko befriends Naoko, but this seems to be a friendship of convenience, at least from Miyoko's point of view, as the both of them are interested in fashion design and fashion marketing.

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