Miki Kawai as she looked in sixth grade school.


Miki Kawai as she looks now as a senior in high school.


Miki was the class representative in sixth grade when Shoko Nishimiya was transferred into the class. As the bullying of Shoko began and continued, she did little if anything to mitigate or absolve the troubles. She had the position and power to stop it, but she would always 'look the other way' when it happened. When questioned about the bullying, she passed it off as 'not her game'.

Later, as a somewhat mature teenager, Miki spends a lot of her time with her boyfriend, Satoshi. Miki meets Shoko at this time, and becomes congenial with her, but stops short of being Shoko's intimate friend. Miki plans on attending collage when she graduates high school.

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