Keisuke as he looked as a member of Shoya's gang !


Keisuke as he looked the night that Shoya fell from the third story balcony.


Keisuke was the comic relief of Shoya's gang. He would always be the object of jokes and pranks that Shoya would play upon his gang members. Why, one day at school, Shoya even tried to play choke Keisuke, while Shoya had him pinned on the floor. However, Keisuke seemed to be good-natured about the teasing, and would go along just for the laughs.

On the night that Shoya fell from the third story balcony, Keisuke was one of two boys who fished him out of the water and got him medical attention. Much later, at the class reunion of the sixth grade school, Shoya meets Keisuke. However, Keisuke is already married, and has a toddler daughter.

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