Ever since the day at the amusement park, nobody seems to notice, least of all Shoya, that Shoko is spiraling downward into a deep depression. She thinks that the troubles that have befallen the little group, as well as Shoya, are somehow because of her presence, or simply all her fault. Even the birthday party for her mom does not seem to help Shoko pull out of her doldrums. Shoko's eveready contented and happy personality is now just an empty shell to hide her imprisonment inside her very own personal hell. Just like Shoya did earlier, Shoko plans out her own suicide in detail. It will happen on the night of the Summer Festival, during the fireworks display in the late evening. She will go home and fall from the third story balcony to her certain death below . . . .

Sequence of Story Arc No. 8

Begins with Shoko being prevented from committing suicide by the efforts of Shoya. Shoya falls three stories and is so injured that he goes into a coma. Controversy swirls around the two mothers, and their attitudes towards what their children have done. Shoko is still confused and depressed, but at least she does not want to commit suicide now. Naoka still insists on fulfilling the role of a trouble-maker, however, she conducts an extended vigil at Shoya's hospital room. One night, both Shoko and Shoya have dreams that act like portents as to how they should view their shipping to one another, and their place in society. Ends with both of them meeting in the middle of the night at the koi bridge, to have a heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul talk.

The Movie Continues

Shoko now knows that she can not commit suicide. She must climb over the low wall onto the balcony, and from there go get help for Shoya. Soon, there are a multitude of flashing lights from police cars, rescue vehicles, heavy equipment, and ambulances everywhere. The flashing lights continue on throughout the night . . . .

Three days have gone by and Shoya is still in a coma. It is the afternoon of the fourth day, and Yuzuru is hanging out in the lobby of the Suimon Municipal Hospital, trying to drink from an already empty milk carton. Mrs. Ishida then comes up the elevator, and Yuzuru implores her to let her see Shoya. Miyako Ishida says that she will take Yuzuru to his room, since he was moved from ICU this morning into a private room. The two now cross paths with Mrs. Nishimiya who is coming through the hospital lobby. Miyako begins to apologize to Yaeko Nishimiya for Shoya's past and present conduct, but silent Yaeko only crouches down onto the floor, and in an extreme prone position so unlike her, she begs for forgiveness. Embarrassed Miyako kneels down, and asks that Yaeko please arise. Instead, Yuzuru also assumes the prone position, too, and tells Miyako that Shoya was not trying to hurt Shoko, but trying to rescue and save Shoko from her own suicide ! Miyako again beseeches them to arise, and begins crying herself.

Meanwhile, outside the hospital, a very different confrontation is taking place. Naoka, angry and frustrated that Shoya is in a coma from trying to rescue Shoko from her suicide, is slapping, punching, and kicking Shoko, screaming at her, and finally shoving her into a chain link fence. Shoko, hurt, bruised, and blooded, and with her arm already in a sling, first is briefly impaled on the fence, then collapses onto the pavement in a heap, just like a sack of trash. Naoka continues the verbal barrage, not caring that Shoko probably can not understand what she is screaming. Lifting up Shoko off of the pavement by her coat lapels, Naoka outstretches her hand for an almighty wack to Shoko's face. However, her swing is unexpectedly checked by Yaeko Nishimiya from behind, and it is Naoka that takes a wack to the face ! Yuzuru only looks on, stunned into silence.

" WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ??? ", screams Naoka ! "

" You must be her mother. If you can't keep your kid in line, then stop breeding !!! ", uttered as Naoka unleashes a barrage of insults, as they both trade slaps to the face. Next on the scene is Miyako Ishida, who gets between and separates the two combatants like a ringmaster does in a prize fight. When a measure of calm prevails, Miyako walks over to the fence, and asks Shoko if she is O.K. Shoko only assumes the same prone position hugging the pavements, and pleads---


" Hi Emm Sorry ! "

---as she bursts into mournful tears.

" Hi Em So Sour-ry ! Iz all my fault ! " , as beaten and bleeding Shoko is now loudly crying and wailing in deep sorrow and remorse.

Later that day, at the Nishimiya home, Yuzuru is tearing all her photos that she had taken with her camera, and had proudly posted, but now are being taken off of the wall. Both Yuzuru and Yaeko begin to cry, as Shoko looks on. Later, Yuzuru carries two trash bags filled with photographs out to the apartment dumpster.

Next day, Nagatsuka comes to the hospital to check on Shoya, only to witness Shoko already at the door to his room, and Naoka in the room preventing Shoko from entering. Naoka takes the flower basket from Shoko, and slams the door in her face. Nagatsuka tries to open the door, but it has been locked. So Nagatsuka offers to buy Shoko a drink at the hospital commissary. However, they settle in the 400 level lobby. Shoko communicates with Nagatsuka via her notebook.

She writes, " I destroyed what Shoya worked hard to achieve. "

Nagatsuka writes that Shoya befriended him, and as such, he now knows what true friendship is. For that, Shoya must wake up !

Shoko writes, " I want to restore what I destroyed ! "

Nagatsuka gives her a puzzled look, which is returned with a look of solid determination from Shoko.

At a park near the hospital, Shoko and Nagatsuka meet Miki and Satoshi, who are now girlfriend and boyfriend. A very excited Miki is shouting, so that Shoko can hear her words of love and encouragement. Satoshi offers well wishes, too. For the rest of the day, Shoko visits all of the friends in their little group, showing them her resolve to restore what was supposedly destroyed. Near sunset, Naoka is leaving the hospital, and sees Shoko across the street. Naoka walks right by her as if she was not there at all ! This happens the next day, too, and the day after, and the day after that. One day, it is pouring down rain, Naoka is without an umbrella, and walks right past Shoko who does have an umbrella. Half a block away, Shoko places the umbrella under Naoka. With Naoka dry, and Shoko standing in the rain getting soaking wet, Naoka gives Shoko a 'if looks could kill, you would die a thousand deaths' gaze, but says nothing.


Shoya has been in a coma for almost two weeks now. But this night is different, because sometime past midnight, Shoya begins dreaming. He dreams of his sixth grade teacher, Takeuchi; of playing on the playground with Naoka; and of being the 'big cheese' of the sixth grade class. He also dreams of when he was going to commit suicide on that faithful Tuesday. That same night, Shoko is also dreaming. She dreams of the people who fished Shoya of the water the night that he saved her from suicide, they being Keisuke and Kazuki; of having an 'out of body' discussion with Shoya, who is telling her of his impending suicide by jumping from the bridge. Although it is past three in the morning, and throwing a black sweater over her night clothes, she slips out of the house unnoticed, and runs to the bridge where she has always fed the koi fish. There, she looks upward to the night sky, but soon collapses to the ground in a flood of tears and wailing.

At that very moment, as Shoko's tears are dropping to the water below, Shoya bolts upright in his bed, violently awakened from his dream and coma. He immediately knows what he has to do ! Quickly tearing away the cords and IV's he is connected to, he also slips out of the hospital unnoticed. Wearing only his hospital gown, he runs through the empty, silent streets, headed for the one place he knows that he needs to be---the bridge where he would help Shoko feed the koi fish ! Weak from being in bed for so long, he is running on shear willpower and pure determination, commanding his body to do what it seemingly can't do right now ! Shoya only has one word on his mind right now--- " Shoko "---that he repeats over and over to himself, to spurn him onward. Finally on the bridge, and hanging on to the bridge railing so that he doesn't fall to the ground, he comes upon Shoko ! Shoko arises, and both look at each other in horror, as if they have just seen the ghost of each other. Shoko ventures forward to poke Shoya in the chest, then backs away in fear, as he is definitely not a ghost ! Shoya knees down, then Shoko does too and begins quietly crying.

Shoya begins talking to her with sign language. He signs that he is glad that she is O.K. Next, he fulfills the promise he made on the balcony, when he was holding Shoko's hand to prevent her from falling to her death; that he properly apologize to Shoko for all the bad things that he did to her in the past. This he does, but Shoko's response is that she insists that why he was the one who fell from the balcony was (supposedly) all her fault ! Shoko tries to elaborate on her feelings, but can not do so because she is overtaken by uncontrollable crying and sobbing. Shoya tells of his dream that he just had, and how Shoko was featured in that dream. The dream showed him that what he did in the past, as bad as that was, that was certainly not worth dying for. Shoya says that he will also apologize to everyone he has offended.

Shoya now makes an very personal, intimate offer to Shoko, that of, " I want you to help me to live !!! "

Praying (2)

Something very profound happens in that silent moment for the two of them, with Shoya possibly thinking that this is the girl that he will marry, this is the girl that he will have sex with for the first time !

Silently, kneeling Shoya scoots in very close to the kneeling Shoko, takes her hands in his, and gently positions her hands into a praying position. He then does the same with his hands, and then places his hands on his kneeling thighs, looking into her eyes with earnest resolve. Something very profound happens in that silent moment for the two of them, with Shoya possibly thinking that this is the girl that he will marry, care for and protect, for the rest of his life. After a bit, after what he contemplated finally sinks in, he then recoils and becomes embarrassed. At least Shoko has stopped crying, and now even manages a quiet chuckle and laugh. Shoko then makes a 'Pinky Promise' to herself, possibly that this is the boy that she will eventually marry, have sex with him for the first time, and be together with him for the rest of her life !


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